Visit Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and one of the most famous as well. Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches, Amazon forest, and the country’s love for Carnival time and celebration. The Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn both cross over the country, giving it a lot of variety in weather. Most of the country is tropical, warm, and humid – especially during the summer months. The seasons are opposite from those in the Northern Hemisphere since Brazil is located in the Southern Hemisphere. There is bus service available that links areas of the country to one another, but there is little train service. Air service links major areas as well. Cruises to Brazil from Florida are available as well. Traveling by boat is the only way to get around in the Amazon region. Travelers are highly discouraged to hire cars for travel in Brazil. English is spoken in some tourist sections of large cities, but Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and is spoken by the great majority of people.

The most popular time for visiting Brazil is during the annual Carnival, which is held in February. At this time, the entire country is alive with celebration, including music, special food, and art displays. The holiday is held 40 days before Easter, at the beginning of Lent. Most Brazilians are Roman Catholics who participate in this time to prepare for the Easter holy day. Carnival celebrations vary from city to city, with Rio de Janeiro’s being one of the most famous. Street parades feature music and street parades for four nights. The city sponsors a competition between the bands who play, and a winner is announced at the end of Carnival. This holiday is celebrated all over the country, and it is a little different in various cities.

There are many Brazilian hotels with very good accommodations in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, El Misti Hostel & Pousada is located on the beach near the Pao de Acucar or Sugarloaf Mountain. It has modern amenities, and is located in a safe area of the city. A highly recommended hotel for tourists who want a unique, smaller place to stay is Villa Laurinda, a bed and breakfast.

Many visitors head to the very large city of Sao Paulo. This city is known as a business center with skyscrapers, and exciting nightlife after that of Rio. It has two excellent zoos and 32 shopping malls. It’s easy to get around the city thanks to its excellent subway system. There is no lack of fine lodging in Sao Paulo. The Time Othon Suites is a high rise that is in the middle of the city’s business and financial district. The Holiday Inn Parque Anhembi is another good place to stay that is very close to the convention center and to the city’s main expressways.

A trip to Brazil would not be complete without visiting the Amazon region. Many tourists visit the city of Manaus where two rivers join the Amazon. There are many rainforest tours available that take visitors deep in the greenery where they are able to see hundreds of animal and plant species that inhibit the area, such as macaws, parrots, and the famous Urania Butterfly with its bright colors that are iridescent in the subtle sunlight of the forest. The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel has clean accommodations and good food, but it is not a luxury hotel. The Saint Paul Hotel is a modern high rise hotel that many visitors prefer to stay in, as well as the Chez Les Rois that is also a basic place to stay for a few nights.

Whether you are seeking beach vacation destinations like Rio de Janeiro or heading to Sao Paulo for business, Brazil is a beautiful country with mountains, rain forest, and friendly people to make your visit a good one to remember.  Direct flights to London are available from Rio year round.