Fallon, Nevada

Fallon, Nevada is a small city in the United States of America that has been known as the ‘Oasis of Nevada’.  Located in western Nevada, Fallon had a small population of 7,536 in the 2000 census and it is the county seat of Churchill County and is situated in the Lahontan Valley.

While the area is mostly arid, approximately 50,000 acres of farmland are irrigated with water supplied by the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District and Fallon, Nevada is therefore a primarily agricultural settlement.  The principal crop produced around Fallon is alfalfa and while Fallon ‘Heart O’ Gold’ cantaloupe melons were once distributed across America, they are now mostly grown for local consumption.

The US Naval Air Station at Fallon provides a significant source of employment for the small community.  Incidentally, Al from the hit show Home Improvement once revealed that he had been stationed in Fallon, Nevada when he served in the Navy.  Unfortunately for Al, this was a grave disappointment as he had wanted to go globetrotting with the Navy.  Similarly, films such as Top Gun and Hot Shots have been shot at the Naval Air Station in Fallon.

The main road to and through Fallon is US Route 50 and Fallon is actually one of the westernmost cities on the apparent ‘Loneliest Road’ in America.  The stretch of Route 50 through Nevada is actually famed for its secluded twists and turns and if you’re travelling east, you’ll have to go around 110 miles to find the next town, Austin, Nevada.  Fallon generally experiences mild-warm summers and quite cold winters.

During the Cold War, some high-profile important weapons tests were carried out by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Department of Defence when they tested a bomb some 28 miles southeast of Fallon in October, 1963.  The site of this explosion is currently unrestricted and can be easily reached via Route 50 and a purpose built gravel track.  The site has often attracted visitors to the area and to Fallon itself.

However, the main tourist attraction (besides the natural surroundings) is around seven miles east of Fallon.  Grimes Point Petroglyph Trail features rocks with carvings from as early as eight thousand years ago.  It is though that they were created by native peoples who were attracted to the area by the ancient Lake Lahontan.  The Trail is approximately a half mile long and on a level path making it freely accessible to tourists with mobility issues.  Fallon has many free brochures and pamphlets which explain the native art there and also some of the heritage of the area generally.  There is also a large cave and cave network where bats are known to dwell.   This Grimes Point area is a popular party destination among the locals.

So, Fallon, Nevada is a small city which offers a wealth of beautiful scenery and agriculture, local and world heritage as well as once being the home of Al, the intelligent sidekick of Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor from Home Improvement!