Chatham Hotel Guide

Chatham Hotels

Chatham is one of the most popular places in Massachusetts for tourists to visit. Thanks to this there are all sorts of Chatham hotels around the area. Here is a look at some of the finer hotels in Chatham and vicinity.

The Chatham Seafarer hotel is a popular small hotel on 2079 Main Street. A Nantucket Sound beach is featured here. Private baths are featured at this hotel too. This is a very affordable Chatham hotel too in that double occupancy rooms cost $155 a night throughout the spring and fall seasons and $215 a night in the summer.

The Queen Anne Inn is another Chatham hotel to check out. This hotel, which is on 70 Queen Anne Road, features thirty-four rooms with individual balconies and private hot tubs. It is next to various beaches as well. Most rooms here go for less than $200 a night and a $35 charge for each extra person is needed.

Another of the hotels in Chatham to look into is the Chatham Wayside Inn. This hotel on 512 Main Street is one of the most affordable Chatham hotels in that it features standard queen rooms for $175 a night and deluxe queen rooms for $205 a night. This hotel is right near the Chatham Seaside Links course. Playing ocean side golf is real treat in this picturesque setting.

Next among Chatham hotels is the Captain’s House Inn on 369 Old Harbor Road. This two acre hotel features a variety of suites that can go for less than $250 a night in many cases. The Main House, which features five suites in an 1839 home, is the most unique part.

Finally, if you are looking into a once in a lifetime five-star experience you should check out the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club on Pleasant Bay. This all-inclusive resort features some of the most unique things about Chatham hotels to check out including private decks, kitchenettes, sitting areas and access to a resort with a golf course, tennis courts and a private beach. Smaller rooms can cost $300 a night but some higher end areas can cost more than a thousand dollars a night.